Sunday, January 13, 2013

Astral Claw Brutes

      So these are my Brutes for my Renegade Marauder Squad, I am trying to give my army a Roman/Greek them as though Luft Huron read agent stores of the Roman and Greek empires and has tried to model his army after them. The Renegade squad is going to be made to look like Gladiators, though it was uncommon for Roman armies to use Gladiators in an army it was not unheard of kinda like the way the Renegade Marauder's are described. I think it is also fitting as they are designed to be a close combat squad. The Brutes them selves can't even shot, yes I know I gave them guns but that is just so that I can still use them as Ogres in my guard army :) the bits are mostly from the fantasy ogre kits, but I did get the shields on there shoulders from a friend don't try and find them as they are out of production, they uses to come in an empire kit :( I felt the standard pose for the ogre kit was a little to static so I carved up the guy a little and add green stuff to change the arms to have more dinamic movement. I hope like them :)

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