Monday, January 14, 2013

The making of my 40k fortress

So these images where taken with my phone sorry everyone :( but you can get the idea.

 So about a week ago I got my hands on the Imperial Strong point kit  I have always wanted to build huge fortress but where do you keep the thing???? Luckily my gaming group has access to an amazing space which has lots of storage, which has inspired my terrain kick :)

So I got the kit at 7 pm and started clipping out the bits at 9 pm after I put my daughter to bed so this first image was taken at about 10 pm that night all of these images are from one night of constructioin.

So for this fortress I wanted it to have multiple levels, and I was inspired by the novel 'The Fang' which described the home of the Space Wolves.

I started at about 11pm gluing and screwing together pink foam. I found it was best to work in sections of about 3-4 layers of foam at a time. Also it was much easier to carve the foam when I worked on a level at a time.

To cut the foam I used a hot wire cutter which is a must for any one looking to do something like this.

At about 2 am I had got the first two levels built and glued. I suggest to cut the foam under a fan hood for health reasons. I just but a 2 by 2 peice of partical board on my stove and turned on the hood :) For this project I used wood glue which has worked well in the past for me when I attach terrain to masonite/particle board, but it doesn't work as well on foam board, I have started research into what to use next time I will update this when I find out what I think works best.

At about 3 am I started to revise my plan and came up with some new ideas for the third level.

By 430 am I had the second level figured out and cut out. At 5 am  I called it a night as I need to get up for 7 am to get my daughter ready for school, lol.

So at 9am I got back to it and by 11 am I had the fourth level figured out. So this is the first 12 hours of this project. I have gotten a little side tracked with other pretty new toys over the past two weeks but I do plan on getting back to this project later this week so I will keep posting updates :)

I still need to finish the back side which will have an entrance and then I need to cover the board with non shrink polly fill with a little bit of sand in it for detail and durability.

So this is 12 hours and 1 kits and some pink foam. I think the biggest part is really mapping out how you plan to use the bits you have just like any good conversion project.

I spent the rest of that day slowly building the torrents and gun emplacements as well as carving out the gates which I hadn't attached yet. Keep checking in for updates :)

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