Saturday, October 6, 2012

Light that city up!!!!

So I started building terrain about a month ago for my 40k armies to play on. A good friend of mine thought I should do a winter table I am so happy he talked me into it cause it is looking amazing and it has only just started!

I will be posting pictures of the table later in the month but right now I want to talk about these lights I found today at Micheal's.

I have always wanted my table to have its own lighting for night fighting, i.e. street laps and burning fires. Luckly I found flickering candle leds at the dollar store and I just found street laps at Micheal's for a great price! I think they are a little dime but with some re wiring I have brighten them up quite a bit and made there power source a lot smaller. I will post images of how I did this later next week. For now I just want you to see a rough set up of what I am going to be building.

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