Monday, October 1, 2012

My new passion - Astral Claws Command Squad

So for the last 9 months I have been very absorb with Games Workshop Games. for those of you who do not know about Games Workshop it is a hobby store that sells war games. The characters come unpainted and unbuilt. You spend time both building and painting an army for one of the several games that GW has created rules for.

The army I am currently working on is called the Astral Claws. I have spent quite a few hours on the models in this image and there still need a lot more work but I thought I would start with this as my first post.

I personally enjoy the sculpting and building of the models and I am currently forcing my self to paint my armies. I will be posting images of both painted and unpainted models over the next couple weeks.

I have some conversion that I am very excited to share! Conversions are models that are different or unique often built with several parts from different units or armies from the GW store or third party companies. Some very talented sculptures even carve there own elements onto the models. 

This is going to be my astral claw command squad when it is done. The guy holding the head with the body was a of being cheeky with a person I play the game with. The helmet is from the chaos army and my guy is proudly showing off one of his guys as a trophy :)


  1. Loving the astral claws and was wondering if you'd like to join the badab bloggers ( if interested then drop me a message.

    1. Thanks! I would love to join the blog been checking it out for a little while now and love what you guys are doing :)